Cracked Bumper Repair to Seat Leon

The damage to the lower bumper was caused by hitting a high curb and cracking the strut. This was another difficult piece of damage to repair.

To start with, the strut needed to be re aligned so it sat straight, then we melt the plastic and let it flow back into the crack making a complete new seal.
Body filler needs to be added to shape the strut back to how it originally looked and lose and signs of damage. 3 coats of primer filler are added to completely smooth out the area.
The paint code is taken from the car and run through the the Sikkens paint system to get the exact match.

The area is prepped with a degreaser then 3 coats of paint are applied, fading out the edges.

A high gloss lacquer is then applied, the repair is then baked to 60c + to start the curing process.

Cracked bumper repair

Rollover the image to see the repair

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