Dent Repair to Ford Fiesta

The damage to this ford fiesta was caused by reversing into a wall.This was certainly one of our more challenging repairs.

We started this repair with a slide hammer to pull out as much of the dent as possible. Body filler is then applied, when dry it is sanded and sculpted to recreate the shape of the panel and to lose any signs of a dent.
3 coats of primer filled are then applied to completely smooth the area ready for the paint application.
The paint is made onsite from a formula using Sikkens water based paint system. This is obtained by putting the cars paint code into an computer.
The area is prepped using a degreaser, then the paint is applied in 3 coats, blending out the edges to lose any signs of the repair.
A high gloss lacquer is then applied to give a mirror finish, the completed repair is then baked to 60c + to start the curing process.

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