Bumper Scuff Repair to Range Rover Evoke

The vehicle had sustained damage to the OSF bumper just below the light. Deep gouging and paint damage caused by hitting a fence post.

Like most repairs we start by sanding down the damaged area. This feathers out the edges to create a completely smooth surface. The gouges had to have a small skim of body filler to eliminate any depth difference.

This is then followed by three coats of primer filler which builds up the area till completely smooth. The complete area is then prepped for paint with a degreaser.

The paint is then matched via the colour code off of the car using Sikkens waterbased paint system. Paint is then applied in three coats and blended out to leave a seamless finish. Then a high gloss top coat lacquer is applied to give it a mirror like shine.

The repair is baked with an infrared lamp to 60c + to start the curing process.

Rollover the image to see the repair

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