What do Scuff ‘n’ Chips need from the Customer to do the job?

All we require from the Customer are the keys to the vehicle, a power supply and the ability the move the car if required.

Do you only repair Cars?

No, we will repair nearly any kind of vehicle, please call us to discuss further.

What about the weather?

Scuff ‘n’ Chips will always aim to do your repairs in any weather. If we feel that at any time weather conditions are going to cause problems with completing your repair then we will aim to re-book you at a later date.

Will Scuff ‘n’ Chips come to me?

Yes, we will come to your home or workplace.

How long does it take?

No repair has a set time to be completed in. Most general repairs take approx 2hrs, large repairs and repairs of a tricky nature may take longer.

Will the repair be visable once completed?

No, once the repair has been allowed to cure for two weeks, then cut back with a standard car polish you won’t notice the repair. Please remember the repair must be left for the complete cure period, otherwise the finish may be affected.

Do the colours match properly?

We can match any car colour including metallic and Pearlesant paint finishes.

Is the work guaranteed?

YES. If you ever have a problem with the repair don’t hesitate to call us.

What’s different about your repairs compared to bodyshop methods?

We have created a system that allows the trained operator to repair the damage to a vehicle by painting only the damaged area instead of the traditional method of spraying the whole panel.

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